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So the question today was what could you do to sell your home faster?


So we went out and consulted with a couple of real estate brokers and asked what there thoughts were…so below is the summary of what they have said to us and even provided some helpful tips and tricks you can use to help sell your property faster


  1. Marketing: the first and obvious one was marketing and if you don’t market your home for sale no one will know its for sale so a couple places you could put your home on is to simply create an add on Craigslist, buy a for sale by owner sign and post that on your property with a phone number or email address, that way if someone does drive by and has a particular interest in the home he or she could call the owner and discuss pricing and possibly buying it.
  2. Look The Part: Not all homes are on par with looks but as they have noticed that most homes that are excel in this area they sell very well and a lot faster then the homes that are not clean and tidy, a few things you can do is to simply clean the carpets buy hiring a local carpet cleaning service to do this bellow will be a few carpet cleaning services we recommend and have personally dealt with and we were very happy with the results
  3. Exterior: you know the saying never judge a book by its cover, well some people still do and if they see that your home is in shambles and has moss growing all over then its definitely not going to help you… what we recommend is to get a local painting company to pressure washer your home and driveway and then re-paint the exterior of the home or apartment your trying to sell so that it gives it a clean and good looking appearance for the buyer, we will list a few of our favorite painters that we have worked with in florida to sell some high end local real estate.
  4. Staging the home with furniture, not everyone see’s the potential so when you stage a home with furniture it helps the buyer see the full potential of the home and this may very well be a great idea if your willing to invest the time and money of you would like hire someone to do this… it will make a more pleasant experience with a home buyer because not everyone can go into an empty house and see potential for the property.
  5. Hire a friendly real estate agent to show your property and answer any questions the home buyers may have, becuase who has the time these days to sell a home it takes a lot of work and time. so why not just let a pro handle it. but if you have the time and patience the DIY method may work for you.

Everett Carpet Care: Everett carpet care was a very good local business that helped a bunch of local real estate agents to clean up the home and helped sell the property a faster, becuase after a few hundred bucks to make the home look fresh and clean who would not want to pay for that

Best Carpet Cleaner 


Garrod Painting Inc: Garrod painting is a very good painting company that offers pressure washing, they exel in exterior and interior painting and design, they will take the time to help you choose the right colors and paint brand for your specific project so check them out and book an appointment with them

Best Painting Company



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